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About TowerMusic

The studio is located on top floor of the classic Oscar Jacobson
building in the middle of Borås, Sweden.
We produce music in Protools and film in Media Composer
and off course we work in Mac 
We are known to have among the best vocal sound in
the country so yes, that goes for voice overs too.
The studio is founded by Göran Werner in 1985
under the name studio bunkern and the present owner
Jonas Liberg came in to the picture in 1988.
Accordingly we have been in business for 30 years in 2018
and that we will celebrate……..sometime.
In 1992 we moved up to the tower of the so called ”creative corner”
at Fabriksgatan 10 and we almost immediately change
the name to the current one in……2008:)
Since 2011 we are constantly loud just across the street
and if we will change our name again I guess it will
not happen until 2027 or something.



  • Avid – Protools HD3 och Protools 2018(apollo8,uad2)
  • Avid – Media Composer
  • Outboards – ua6176, ua4110, daking IV, tc finalizer 96k, dbx166
  • Microphones – akg c-414b uls, neuman km-184 st set, sennheiser md-421, shure sm-57
  • Monitors: Genelec 1030 with sub 750
  • Misc: akai mpc-3000, korg triton, waves mercury, rob papen, spetrasonics, NI, adictive drums, air, uad, iZotope….and all Avids own plugins….etc etc

Songs – Artists – Rockbands
& Eurovision Song Contest

As songwriters and producers we have done
most of what the headline is implying and you can
read more about that if you click on ”brag” in the menu.
The ability to write and produce songs is the foundation
of everything and the success we have now in the advertising
business is a result of the creative process it is to develop
great scripts, 
music and ideas for film and social media.
This is nothing you can study in a fancy school of
communications of some kind and I say as the
jury of American and Swedish idol:
-You need to have IT to succeed.
Either you have it or you don’t.
’s as simple as that.